• Start with Are all the Quarters Picked up?
  • Introduce yourself and Company
  • You are on the microphone talking about your product
  • Best practice is to write out a little info on each item with Quarter Bid first, Value then 3-4 bullet points about the item. The Bid amount again and finishing with “Are all quarters in?”
  • Get the chip from the chip puller and read chip all numbers are on both sides of chips numbers have a line under to have not doubt of what number it is. IE; 66 or 99
  • After last item say it is time to pick up the quarters. Vendors collect Quarters
  • Make your way to your booth and have a large bag with a zipper closure to hold quarters as several people will be arriving to you to give your quarters to you. I STRONGLY SUGGEST A Bag that can hold heavy weight, has a large opening, and zips closed.

Chip Puller

  • Constantly stir the chips and when appropriate make noise while stirring.
  • Pull chips once vendor has said are all quarters in. This is important to not pull to early as people watch and if you pull too early people may not put quarters in the bucket.
  • After a number has been called 3 times we will move to another chip
  • When a guests begin to yell no bid make sure that you do not pull another chip until the no bid is verified.

Front Table Manager

  • Keep the flow of the days auction
  • Line up items you will be pulling for auction
  • Know what the next item is but do not pick it up until the item out has been won. Too many items up will confuse the audience and the guests do not know what they are bidding on.
  • Pick up Item #1, Putting up the number of fingers the bid amount is so bid card holders can flip cards to the cards and allow guests to see how many quarters it is per bid paddle.
  • Once a item is won move quickly on to the next item.


  • This is the salesman of the event. What ever item you are showing you SHOW IT OFF.. really ham it up! Facial expression, oooo and ahhhh over the item try to make it the best show possible for that vendor. Remember we are a team
  • Walk ½ way through the room and then give item to the runner
  • Make you way back to the front for the next item


  • Pick up item from Vanna and finish walking the room you are the delivery person of auction items.
  • A smile and congratulations goes along way.
    • Also remember if you are caring a item that has a display board that needs to be returned to vendor there usually is a gift bag or holding item for the guest and then you can return the display board to front of room.
  • Make you way back to the middle to meet up with the Vanna for the next item.

Bid Car Holder

  • Stay in different spacing around the room so that guests can see the bid cards from any location. Smaller rooms 4 cards larger rooms we have up to 10 sets
  • All bid cards are returned to the Large Bin at the end of the day that hold the Bidding buckets.

Quarter Pick Up

  • Everyone except vendor and chip puller
  • This is the biggest time eater of the day and it is so important to get it done quickly
  • Everyone is responsible to pick up quarters

Down Time

  • This is always after you are a vendor. SO you have time to
    • Gather yourself & items from podium return to your Booth
    • Put your quarters away * Please note often is is a good thing to re-bag your quarters for the 2nd round as many groups run out of quarters before the 1st half of the bidding is over.
    • Get ready for next round
    • Please be part of picking up quarters for the next vendor.

Quarter Sales

  • This job is not on the rotation but every vendor is asked to bring $50 of quarters for change making purposes. If you got rolls from the bank then sell $10 rolls but if you roll them yourself I strongly suggest $5 bags as they are easier to sell especially at the 2nd half of the Quartermania event.


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