The BUSINESS Builder of Quartermania:

We get this question often what is a lead slip?  A lead slip is a way for the guests in the audience to fill out a piece of paper with their information and those slips help you build a customer base and will go home with you the day of the event to have a customer contact and follow up.  It is strongly suggested, no smaller than 4 to a page. Printing on Light Colored paper is much better than dark paper both for you to read after the guest has written on it and for the guest to read what you are wanting filled in.

Many companies already have slips similar to this and you are welcome to use those. We have found it more cost effective to print your own but the choice is yours.

You can copy and paste this on a blank page and fill out the areas that are personalized for your use, then shrink 4 to a page with Narrow margins either when you are on the computer or do it at the copy store. Most copy stores will help you with a “Two UP process”.  To encourage the turning of completed ships, we know that  Guests like to get something for free . When they fill out these little slips for bonus tickets to enter drawings at Quartermania events. When guests does not get a slip from a vendor in their check in bag, they ask why did that vendor not do slips. My response is .”I dont know” or They choose not to  or  ____hmmmm ____. ? it makes you the vendor look bad and also can cause that guest to not be happy.


Lead Slip Sample

you can copy and paste this info  and then print 2 a page then reduce it to 4 to a page.  I find better copies this way or if you like you can make it 4 to a page from the start.  The wizards of computers and printing know how to do all this stuff and those like ME can do some.  If you need help contact us and we will be happy to see how we can help you get your lead slips in to build your customer base.

Your Company name

You and your Contact INFO:  Name, Phone

Email and website


Name ____________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________


City / State / Zip ________________________________________________________


Primary Phone  (        )   _____________________ Email: ___________________________


I would like more info on: (Check all that apply)

__ Dating a Show with you.

___  Having __(your product) __ at our event.  When: ______________

__ Add me to your Mailing List so I can get information about Sales, Specials and Great Deals

___ I would like a copy of the most current Catalog / Sale Flyer

___ Maybe earning free product by becoming a representative of  (your company)

___ I want to have a fundraiser for ___________________________

____ I would like to know when you are in my area so I can come and shop from you.

___ I would like a call about  ______________________________________________



___ I am just entering the drawing


DB/Ven/Lead slip outline importance.docx

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