How to be the most profitable vendors

The first and foremost thing we can share with you to be profitable is to plan ahead and think about the bottom line.

Attend a Quartermania first to see what other vendors do. When you are at the event think of the event from three perspectives.
1. The Guest – What interests guests and what are some of the factors that do not keep attention. What excited a guest. Which tables are most visited and can you see why?
2. The Organization – What is the organization doing to promote the guests? What is the organization doing to help during the event?  Not all organizations participate in the same manner and vendors are assigned jobs at some events where at other events the organization may have some helpers.
3. The Vendor – What is the goal of each vendor? How is the display of auction items and shopping table?  Note the height of items, How items are marked, Which items have lots of activity during the auction and which don’t. Note that the amount of talking about product is a delicate balance. Too much talking will cause a loss of interest in the item being auctioned and slow the pace. Too little and guests do not know what they are bidding on,  so no or very little bids come in .
Choose what you are looking at and make notes to ask any question you may have. Don’t try to remember,  notes will help you grasp a better understanding of the event.

When a email comes to you offering a event always look at the dates in the subject line and respond when you are interested. You will be notified,  that you are in for the event, the event has someone in your category or you are on a wait list for the event, or that your product is not for this event.

It now becomes your responsibility to send a post dated check to hold your spot. Checks can be dated up to two weeks before the event and in the subject/memo line of the check put the date of the event there. Checks will not be cashed until 2 weeks prior to the event.

Secondly print Customer contact sheets or Lead slips and also get them to the Quartermania organizers for packing into guest check in bags. On average you should provide 150 slips per event unless otherwise noted. These are due to the Quartermania vendor no less than 3 weeks prior to the event. Late arrival of slips may mean that they are not put in the guest check in bags and it will be your responsibility to put them in the bags or loose that opportunity to have that customer contact.

Third: Promote the event with the copy of the flyer that has been given to you. Post on your social media sites. Share flyer at events. Send out in email blast, It is never mandatory to sell tickets to an event for our Quartermania team but it is suggested to invite friends, family, customers and future customers. Market yourself and the fun of Quartermania.  The more guests in attendance means more quarters for each item auctioned and more marketability to a larger audience.


Each Vendor will be asked to bring a certain number of auction items usually 5-8 items. They should be in a presentation that is easy to show while walking around the room. I suggest wrapping in clear wrap when appropriate. The items should be tagged in number order and clearly marked with how many quarters each item will be auctioned for. (Optional: you can put the value of the item and a description of the item)



ABC Education Products (ITEM #1 )

Counting and Colors basket

Interactive learning with kids with this simple and child safe basket that was developed by an educator.

 The value is $40 and it will be a 2 Quarter bid. 

Make yourself a script:

This is my first item up for bid. It is 1 Quarter and the value is $26.00. It is a Blue and Gold set ready for gift giving for Men or women. It has … blah blah.. it is a value of $26.00 and you can have it today for 1 Quarter BID.

All Quarters in

(draw numbers to determine winner)
When finished with your rotation last thing to say is please pick up the quarters.

using your list of items to be auctioned

The tracking of what you spend to do the event and the profits you make will help you evaluate the effectiveness of Quartermania Marketing. REQUEST FILE

30 Second Commercial (REALLY KEEP IT TO 30 SECONDS)

Hello my name is __(you name) ___ I am a (Name of Company) I am here today to bring to you (something about your product)

Here are a few examples:

My name is Sandy Duran I sell Cookie Lee I love to bring the sparkle & bling to your life. We have affordable and practical jewelry that fits every lifestyle. Stop by my table today for specials just for this show.

My Name is Trisha Lathrop and I am your Tupperware Professional. My plastic and your cabinets are a match made in heaven. I specialize in Custom Kitchen Planning, Fundraising . Tupperware has been changing lives for over 6 decades we help with saving money, time and space. Tupperware has the opportunity to change lives with payment options of get it for Free, Half off , wholesale or full price which is the price you desire ? Come see me at the table over there with all the fun colors.

I’m Al the Sawdust man. I make dust and when the cloud clears you will see a beautiful creation from toys to sculptures, Name Trains to Monograms. I make it all and would be happy to make something for you. I specialize in fine details, military and sports items. My prices are great so lets make a DEAL!

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