Hello Vendors:

Our hard work is paying off and we are busy, busy, busy. We are in need some vendors immediately.  Currently we are working to fill spots for future Quartermania Events. Please read through this post and determine if you would like to participate, or, if you are on the list and you are no longer able to participate. Please contact me as soon as possible. The sooner I know, the better!

There are a few things that determine if you will be in the event or not.

  • The organization has the final word on all vendors. There will be no duplication of vendors. It is up to the vendor to get the necessary supporting documents (i.e. Vendor Fee, Lead Slips [delivered 3 weeks prior to event], etc.) to, the organizer, at (Trisha Gutierrez – QM, P.O Box 598, Whittier, CA, 90608-0598), in a timely manner.   No Vendor slot is secure until Vendor Fee ($25.00) is paid in full. Checks can be written with a post dated check, date must be no less than 14 days prior to the event.(IN memo of CHECK: Date of QM Vendor Fee IE: 9/15 Vendor Fee. )
  • The organization agrees to sell 75% of total ticket for the event with a minimum guest of 100 or penalty may be assed to organization. The organization’s contract will determine vendor ticket sales. Per contract, ticket sales will be as follows:   By Request or Optional there are no MANDATORY TICKET SALES required of Vendors.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to be aware of said contract on an event-by-event basis.

Vendors are responsible for the cost of all reported ticket sales.

Please remember ticket sales raise funds and support the group as well as making the event successful.


  •  Organizations see how our teams work with one another, please use professional courtesy with peers and guests. One never knows who is attending an event… It may be the MAYOR.
  • Arriving prepared is essential to your success and the success of the event. In order to be prepared, please have the following items ready before the event:
    • Auction Items should be labeled and listed with vendor’s description prior to the event. (Think tall, not wide when wrapping auction items)
    • Required Paddle-Up items (Approx. $1.00 X 5) these items should be wrapped in a gift-like manner.
    • Donation for Opportunity Raffle (Approx. $25.00 or Greater) This item is tax deductible. The fundraising group will provide a receipt.
    • If you choose to have gifts for your guests, please make sure they are labeled with specific guests’ names, or are handed directly to them.
  • Attention to details and customer comments are very important and determine the choice of vendors.  We strive to match the needs of the organization with appropriate vendors.
  • It is important to know that the structure of Quartermania is  like a triangle, has three dependent sides. The success of the event is dependent on the contributions of those 3 sides. A brief outline of the goals and responsibilities of each side are as follows:
    • Organization: Raise money for their cause, to inform people about their cause; what/why/who  and how they are raising money for and where that money goes etc.
  • Vendors: Raise funds for organizations.  Meet new customers and get future business.  (Quartermania is a great way to distribute extra, retired, and discontinued stock)
  • Guests: Support and raise funds for a cause.  Shopping for items and/or services from vendors. Having a great time with friends in a fun and interactive environment.

Remember, guests are potentially new customers.  Organizations are potential new clients, possible fundraising opportunities and great connections for future business.

It is important to remember that guests are looking for a fun time, an instant party with a room full energy.

They are looking for a deal, they are looking to support the cause, they are there to shop from different Vendors.

  • We are always looking for way to add to the vendor pool. If you know of any vendors that you believe would be a good fit to our Quartermania Family, please refer them to this webpage or send me their info in a Email  INFO@QMFundraising.com Subject: QM NEW VENDOR LEAD

Many spaces are open for various QM Events for a brief time. Please check your calendar and review the list.  The vendor space for your market may fill fast there have been vendors waiting for lengthy periods of time to get into the rotations, however one day when the timing is correct it will happen when it is meant to be.


Sample Subject Line: 9/15/12 QM – “YOUR MARKET i.e.: Wood Signs by WoodChuck or Tupperware, MaryKay, Bling Shirts

in the email put your name, the company and you will get a response:

  1. Your in please send payment to secure your vendor spot
  2. you are on the wait list
  3. Sorry This event is not for you (the organization as requested another type of vendor or some other reason)




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