The reason we suggest a script is so the flow can go smoothly.  The Table Manager knows what item  to pull and can help with letting the guests and bid card holders,  know the bid amount .

When you the VENDOR have written down the value of a item you are not guessing and trying to see which item is picked up. There is a school of thought of the way to place values and bid amounts in patterns and for some this is a good practice.

The script will help you as a vendor get the most value for the time you are on the microphone and have the audience attention.  It helps to omit dead air and keep the event flowing.  The script can keep you from talking too little or too much about any one product.  Lets just say it guides you in what to say , when to say it,  and how to say it.  For the dynamic personality it keeps thing on track, and is duplicable.  In the vendor who is not so out going and not comfortable in front of large crowds, having a script will ease and it helps with confidence of what you are going to say.

A Script also is the first step in tracking your expenses so you can balance out at the end of the day and know how much profit you get from a quartermania or for future events where adjustments need to be made.

1 1 Black, White w/pink accents insulated lunch bag (disclaimer it is not tupperware.) But it is filed with 3 tupperware pieces, a eco water bottle in fusica kiss, a pink microwave dish, and a 1 1/3 cup black dish with one touch seal. $28.00
2 2 Junior Baking Set: Includes a Junior That’s a Bowl, Junior Wisk and Junior Spatula, Jr. Pastry mat and four cookie cutters & added bonus a package of snickerdoodle cookie mix for that little chef. $40.00
3 1 Classic Fix N Mix 32 cup bowl in Halloween BLACK, and a Orange Seal. It has candy for gift giving, a mask and stickers for decoration $30.00
4 1 Tupperware Essentials serving bowl set of 3 bowls that nest inside each other with a easy grip seal and one touch closure $25.00
5 2 Hello Kitty Fashion lunch set® Rectangular sandwich keeper / small packable and 16oz tumbler with easy drink sput on the seal $49.00

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