A Quartermania is a cross between an auction and a raffle, where you (the guest) “bid” quarter win a prize of goods. When you check in and register you will pick up a check in bag that has a paddle with a number that is used for your individual bidding on the items you want to win. There is a chip that matches that number and it is placed in the “Chip Bucket”.


The Auctioneer has a numbered chip for each paddle issued at registration, to draw the winning number for each item. The auctioneer then begins by holding up a product and tells a little about the highlights along with the bid amount. Bids range from 1 to 4 quarters. If you would like to bid on that item, you put the corresponding number of quarters in the collection tin. THEN HOLD UP YOUR PADDLE(s) and wait for your numbers to be called! When your lucky number is called and you have placed a bid, you WIN that item! After each item all numbered chips are returned to the Chip Bucket for the next item. Quarters are picked up after each Vendor has finished their auction turn.

Vendors are also available to sell product ready to take home the day of the event or to place orders for desired items, schedule demonstrations, fundraisers, and shows with you and your friends.

Organizations have many drawings for various items, so it is an instant party! Come and join in the fun!

Google Quartermania and watch some of the Video’s to learn more. (insert a link here)

Guests Bring Quarters & quarters are sold at the Quartermania

3 thoughts on “Quartermania

  1. Hello, I am interested in being a vendor for your upcoming Quartermanias. I submitted an application, but was wondering if you still needed vendors for this Saturday March 24, as well as all the others coming in April & May. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I have only worked with Trisha’s group for 3 Quarter Mania’s. I happened upon a group doing a QM, so I walked in to see what vendors were there and if I knew anyone. The event had started about 30 minutes before, and all I could say was, It was a DUD!
    No excitement in the crowd. or from the vendors. In fact, as I walked the vendors, no one even spoke to me!

    When Trisha leads the event, there are people standing up, waving their paddles with excitement. Waves of disappointment are heard through the crowd when an item is won by someone at another table.

    For a fundraiser that is hard to describe, these ladies bring a wave of excitement.

    • Gabrielle
      thanks for the positive comments Our team is like a family we work well together and support each other. Often organizations can not see the importance of hiring a team like Quartermania Fundraising but your comments are valid. We help organizations raise money, we excite guests and help them have a good time and we have the experience to keep the upbeat, exciting and fun times rolling. Thank you
      Trisha Gutierrez – AKA The Quartermania Queen

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