(Suggested staffing is based on a QM event of 150 guests if more guests  are attending then additional people should be added at Key points and will be noted by #)


People for your own set up

A few people to help vendors in with their items.


2 people who are good at moving along people away from the check in area

#Possibly 1 floating person here if large group


2-3 people selling tickets is great. The best is to have 1-2 people walking around the room and one sitting at a stationary location


1 -2 people to sell quarters during the entire event

This is imperative to the success of the event. If guests are running low on quarters they quit bidding and when that happens it hurts the vendors at the end of the rotation. It also hurts the event because it makes the event take a longer time.

#Suggested amount of quarters is $300 in quarters + $10’s & 5’s for change making.

  • Please note that the Check in should be separate from the ticket and quarter sales.   It is best practice to have them across the room, allowing guests to enter the room and move away from the check in area.


That up to the organization, as it will depend upon what is being served and how it is being served.


1-2 Floating persons to help keep tables clean of debris, empty bottles, glasses, and plates. ALL QM items are recycled as much as possible and there are usually 3-5 bags around the room clearly marked  “recycling of all QM Supplies”.

  • When possible it is great to ask young people to help and get service hours. They can help during the event by :
    • Helping keep tables clean
    • Picking Up Quarters
    • Holding Bid Cards
    • Helping deliver items that are being won by guests
    • Helping guests at the end of the event carry winnings to their vehicle.


Vendors can use help getting to the car with their products and getting out of the venue in a timely manner to keep any organization from additional charges for the room.

The general room clean up crew that you will need for your event is determined by your location. Again this is something that is up to the organizations discretion.

The vendors will do their best to remove any boxes and items they brought to the location and will work as quickly as they can but remember that guests often like to shop after events so it is a key to allow some time for exit after an event.

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