You the organization sets the prices for Event Tickets and Drawings Tickets.

Ticket to event (we suggest 10-25 dollars) but you know the group that the event is for and some groups do better with a lower cost  or costs that are acceptable for the location to the event, the average is $15 for Lunch, Beverage, Dessert and the use of bidding materials.

How much you earn is determined by the number of tickets sold and what your profit margin is from that.

For example:

A few years ago  two groups in same size (150-160) at the same
ticket price had very different outcome of profits.

Group A                                              Group B
15.00  /Ticket                                  15.00 /Ticket
@ 160 guests=                                  @ 150 guests=
$2400                                                    $ 2250

2.90/plate       9.00/plate      Actual food-drink-dessert & Paper goods.
22.00                 150.00               Printing and Postage Costs
40.00                  210.00               Decorating Costs
0                           345.00                Room Rental

561.00                2055.00

1831.00                   5.00                   Profits from Tickets sales only.
That is just tickets sold compared to money spent on food, decor and room.  There were additional funds raised from Opportunity Drawings,  Donations, Quarter Auctions done by organization items and one donation from each vendor where tickets are sold to guests to increase profits .
Silent Auction are a great way to raise funds too.

Suggestions are to pick some avenues of raising funds from your guests.  Not all the choices you need to pick and choose, it is too much for one event and too much for the guests. We would never want to make a guest feel like they are being “Nickel and Dime-ed to death at a Quartermania

It is about how smart you are in your food choices, for example above ( group A ) did pasta, salad, roll, home made cookies for dessert with Lemon-aid and Tea for the meal. They also got the hall donated, and did print postcard sized invites, but used the internet to sell most of their seats.

(Group B) did a Boxed lunch from a catering company, purchased table coverings and rented a women’s club, and insisted on advertising with mailed invitations.  Even with discounted pricing they still had much more in overhead costs which had a decreased profit before the event got going.

BE WISE and ask for donations to offset the cost of the event.! The more you get donated, the more you do yourself, the more prepared you are and get done with members of the organization,  the less you will have to spend and the more the final total will be.

Lets get your Quartermania in the calendar today!

The average lead time for an event is 4-6 months but many groups book out over a year in advance.  Saturdays are the most requested day for quartermania so please plan accordingly.

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