What to have for a group of 150-250 People for a Quartermania


  • 2 full time and 1 floater to help with questions / problems
  • Ink Pens & Highlighters for each
  • Post It notes, Paper Clips, Rubber bands,
  • Check in Table
  • Cash box with change mostly 5’s and 10’s
  • (Provided by QM Organizer Trish)
    • Check in Bags
    • Instructions provided by Organizer
    • Chip Bucket
    • Instruction poster for guests to read


TICKET SALES / Quarter Sales

(this table should be inside the room away from check in to get people in the room and speed up the check in process)

  • 2 people all the time Dynamic personalities / sales people
  • Cash Boxes
  • Paper Pens clips
  • Signs of ticket prices


Tickets – Cost

1     –       $1

6     –       $5

13 –       $10

30 –       $20   Best Deal


OR  if using Chinese Auction Ticket price suggestions are:

$5 – 4 tickets

$10 – 9 tickets


To purchase Chinese Auction tickets the best deal is from ADMIT ONE in Irvine CA (ADMITONE.COM ) one sheet to tickets all with the same number reduces the time of drawing in half. The corner ticket is blackened with the number. All the other tickets are the same number and can be placed in drawings and guests only listen for one number. Custom ordering with organizational info printed on tickets is available from ticket company.


Quarters Sales:

Quarters are sold at this table by the $10 Roll if you would like to only buy $5 please see one of the vendors most have $5 for sale.  Suggested amount of quarters for groups of 100 is $300+ in quarters and for larger groups the amount of quarters needed exponentially grows with the greater need of quarters for guests.



This person fills in everywhere if ticket sales need help they float over there if check in gets backed up they step in there.


8-10 Youth Helpers (what a great way to get service hours to the youth)

I can not tell you how much better it works when we have youth helpers as they are energy to keep the day flowing. Helping during the event with small tasks, to running round the room, serving food, helping keep the room neat and clean, They can help vendors load in and set up, and at the end help get thing out to the cars and vacate the building more quickly.


  • Helpers can also help with any NON MONEY related areas of necessity.
  • Helping during the auction to deliver items,
  • Bussing tables keeping them free of plates, empty cups, general trash items. Or recycle items.


  • There is a time when the lead slips that are filled out by guests are turned in for Free Raffle tickets to be put in any GOLD BAG on vendor tables (driving guests to visit vendor tables again) ONLY Completely filled out slips will get a ticket.


  • After collection of lead slips the youth helpers can go into a back room and sort the slips and put them into the envelope for each vendor. Before leaving each vendor will receive the stack of slips that guests have filled out and they can be contacted for the desired information.


  • Helping with the food delivery and distribution is a good place to use the helpers also.
  • Delivery of desserts at the end of break is a good use for the Youth Helpers also.

Items needed from organization

  • Sound system
  • Table Covers (OPTIONAL)
  • Food, Drink, and Dessert*
    • Dessert should be finger food (cookies, Brownies, Mini Cupcakes etc)
    • Drinks can be sold after the one drink that comes with the meal – Coffee & Tea are big hits on cold days but it is also a low cost item and a station could be set up and open for people to just get what the want, it just needs to be kept serviced and ready to use until the last 45min. of event and it can be taken down and put the the back for cleanup.
  • 2 Color Raffle tickets   (Opportunity Raffles)
  • Silent Auction Items
  • Change 5’s & 10’s also $300-400 in rolls of quarters
  • Signs
  • Did you get your raffle tickets yet
  • Have you visited the silent auction table
  • Prices of tickets



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